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Is the BOB 2016 Sport Utility Jogging Stroller Really As Good As They Say?

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BOB 2016 Sport Utility Jogging Stroller Review

bob-sport-utiltiy-strollerThe experts have highly recommended the Bob 2016 Sport Utility jogging stroller and have reviewed this particular stroller as providing extreme comfort and performance while maintaining the safety of bigger and smaller children. This stroller has been specifically designed for on and off-road terrain. The comfortable padded seat that reclines up to almost flat from a full vertical position, allows your child to sleep comfortably while you are out and about. The Bob Sport Utility stroller is capable of going anywhere and there is plenty of storage space for whatever it is you need to bring along with you such as diapers, snacks, water bottles, toys, keys and more!

If you want to learn more about this stroller, I highly recommend you check out the reviews on Amazon here. There are tons of them!

The frame work on this stroller is a high strength aluminum alloy. The child’s seat is sling style made with high strength fabric. Safety features include a five point padded safety harness complete and wrist strap. A foot parking brake as well as a hand slowing brake ensures the safety of your precious child when needing to slow down or when wanting to stop for awhile. Storage includes two interior seat pockets perfect to keep juice and/or toys for your little one within arm’s reach of both you and your child. Other storage this stroller has is a large easily accessible storage pocket on the back of the seat as well as a roomy cargo basket underneath the seat. This stroller can safely hold 75 lbs.

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Here is a review from a current and happy owner:

Codemaster Talon writes:

This stroller will get you a lot more places. There’s a lot to love about this stroller, and very little not to. For the right person, a stellar choice. Some thoughts:
–Easy assembly, took 15 minutes.
–Lots of mesh pockets and solid compartments, good brakes, and the big wheels will get you over rougher terrain very well.
–There’s a back flap you can quickly pull down should your cheeky monkey go to dreamland. This is will rapidly put them in a sleeping position, and if you’re jogging you won’t even need to miss a stride.
–It partially folds to be a bit more compact, but it is a big product and definitely requires a significant amount of room for storage.
–The pricing seems right. We’ve been offered strollers costing $1000+ to test out, a price that is absurd. Really, it’s a stroller. But even though the current price on this is $400, it is so well-made and functional we do think it worth the cost. It’s made for the long-run, in all senses of the phrase.

I agree with all the other reviews currently up: This is a five-star stroller. “Baby buggies have changed a lot since my day,” my Dad observed, happily pushing this stroller around the house. Yup. For the better.

I will also note that while this did smell of plastic when we opened up the box, it was not nearly as toxic and chemical-smelling as other strollers we’ve assembled. And the smell dissipated quickly..